Film Permits & Locations

Sri Lanka filming locations are a cinematographer’s dream. There are many untouched landscapes that our location manager can introduce you to. The country also has a rich history in politics and religion which is strongly reflected in the architecture. From the isolated Jaffna Peninsula to the iconic train ride to Ella. Film permits for Sri Lanka can look impossible given the countless layers of bureaucracy. Of course, there is some paperwork but you can expect filming permissions in a matter of days. Sri Lanka Fixers takes care of all the ABCs leaving you to only dot the i’s.

Sri Lanka Filming Locations – Colombo

Regardless of your list of Sri Lanka filming locations, your journey starts in Colombo. This is the administrative capital and also the home base of most of our local production assistance team. This is where we arrange your film permits before embarking on the next leg. However, you don’t have to go any further to capture cinematic sights. Filming in Colombo gives you unique access to its Dutch colonization period. Examples include a 17th-century building, formerly the Dutch Governor’s residence, and a Catholic seminary. This is also where you find the home of internationally acclaimed architect Geoffrey Bawa. Colombo is also a seafood heaven with romantic seaside restaurants along Beach Wadiya. Find both world-class cuisines at the Ministry of Crab and unimaginable street food at Nana’s. To show how Sri Lanka is developing, visit the growing organic food scene at Good Market.

sri lanka filming locations colombo

Sri Lanka Filming Locations – Galle

For visuals of swaying palm trees and pristine beaches, head southwest to the shores of Galle. This region is among the top Sri Lanka filming locations for surfing videos and scenes of their traditional stilt fishing. As this is one of the more touristic areas, getting film permits in Sri Lanka is not difficult. Sri Lanka is proud to share its budding tourism industry. Galle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with spectacular historic architecture such as Meeran Mosque.  Filming in Galle undoubtedly features scenes of the Fort and the Old Dutch Hospital. For the mesmerizing sunset scenes, there is Flag Rock. This same spot is where you find adventurers leaping into the crystal clear waters from its tall cliffs. Sri Lanka has had many cultural transitions and this reflected well in Galle. Document the details of Sudharmalaya Temple to reveal the many layers in Sri Lankan history.

sri lanka filming locations galle

Sri Lanka Filming Locations – Kandy

One of the reasons to choose Sri Lanka filming locations is the myriad of temples in the region. The most prominent place for religious sites is the historic town of Kandy. Even if you have never heard of Kandy itself, you are familiar with its most famous site: Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. As anywhere else in the world, film permits for religious sights lie more delicately. Thankfully, our experienced location scout manager knows how to navigate this space. They may also offer you lesser-known alternatives such as the 18th-century cave temple Degal Doruwa Raja Maha Vihara and Buddhist 3-storey shrine Aluth Maligawa. At the very center of Kandy lies its artificial lake. Although slowly changing to a space for relaxation, the lake has a turbulent history. It was built by the last ruler of the Kandy kingdom, Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, in 1837. Your production company will have a wide variety of sites.

film permits sri lanka kandy

Sri Lanka Filming Locations – Yala National Park

There are countless possible locations for nature productions but the most famous of all Sri Lanka filming locations is Yala National Park. Unfortunately, it is far from the country’s best-kept secret. However, Yala National Park is your best chance of spotting a wild leopard. You will need the help of a location scout manager to find the areas where you are not disturbed by tourists. The park is subdivided into 5 zones and the advantage is that certain zones see far fewer visitors. Come during the annual bird migration between November and January for spectacular aerial views. Leave it to our local film fixer in Sri Lanka to get the required film permits for this area. Nature videos are often more time-consuming so you will want their help for production planning. If only wildlife was as punctual as our production crew.

location scout sri lanka yala national park