Filming in Sri Lanka

From action shots of the world-class surf at Arugam Bay or the rainbow colors at spice markets, there is something interesting each way you turn. Filming in Sri Lanka makes you wonder why there are not more productions set on this island pearl. It is full of incredible sights telling a tale of how history and nature beautifully blend. Our production fixer in Sri Lanka is there to show you each hidden gem. While you draw inspiration from the landscape, our fixer handles the paperwork. Film permits, roadblocks, local equipment rental, catering and accommodation, everything is handled for you by Sri Lanka Fixers.

Production Assistance and Access for Filming in Sri Lanka

Getting permission for filming in Sri Lanka is not as complicated as in some other South Asian countries. In fact, the National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka is quite accommodating to international production crews. It is possible to receive film permits in just 3 days. Keep this information in your back pocket for when you need last-minute filming locations.

Our location manager handpicks filming locations for your specific needs. Peek into its colonial past in Nuwara Eliya where the British elite would come to cool off and sip fresh tea. Witness ‘the Gathering’ of hundreds of elephants and birds in Minneriya National Park. Illuminate the Ayurveda therapies which are ingrained in the traditional culture.

With our production assistance, you can capture Sri Lanka’s essence. Focus on the creative energy while Sri Lanka Fixers handles the practicalities. There is no need to lug heavy and expensive equipment from your home country. With one of the world’s biggest film industries just across the water, most state of the art filming equipment can be arranged for.

Filming in Sri Lanka will open up a new world of cinematic opportunities. Our English-speaking production service crew is on standby to open the doors.

Filming in Sri Lanka

Getting Film Permits in Sri Lanka

After 30 years of turmoil, Sri Lanka is ready to re-introduce itself to the world. Film permits are not difficult to obtain and the process is quite swift. In less than a week, we can have the right papers for your chosen filming site.

Film permits are issued by the National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka. They are straightforward in their requirements and happy to facilitate international production crews and their local production assistance.

That being said, some additional permits and arrangements need to occur for each specific filming location. These requirements may differ per location which is why you want to work with Sri Lanka Fixers.

With a dense population and growing tourism industry, filming in Sri Lanka needs some careful planning. You may have to adjust the production schedule to primarily shoot on weekends when the roads are easier to block. Filming at renowned religious sites such as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic or Gangaramaya Temple during Vesak celebrations can turn into a logistical nightmare. Don’t feel discouraged, we have done it all before.

Sri Lanka film permits

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives

Currently, there are no tax rebates or cash incentives for filming in Sri Lanka. Still, this tropical location makes financial sense for your production. It has some of the most competitive pricing in the world.

Let us negotiate deals for equipment rental, local crew, and transportation on behalf of your production company. Our production fixer gets you better prices than foreign crews would normally receive. This includes getting modern equipment brought over from the heart of Bollywood: Mumbai. Sri Lanka’s film industry is still developing but with a film giant as their neighbor, nothing is impossible.

Even when key production team members cannot be on-site, you can capture the footage you need. Setting up a remote team is perfectly possible with various streaming solutions. Your production company will still have full control, no matter the timezone.

Visas and work permits are also affordable. Most crew members can enter and work with a Visa upon Arrival but directors and cinematographers need work visas. It is also always possible to supplement your production team with local talent. Day rates for cast and crew are negotiable which gives your budget more flexibility.

filming in sri lanka