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Sri Lanka Fixers is your liaison for successful filming in Sri Lanka. We have a complete team on the ground, ready to accommodate all your production needs. From pre-production and film permits to the moment you step back on the plane, we got you covered.

Despite being a small island nation, filming in Sri Lanka is a treasure trove for production teams. Are you seeking out the industrial port city of Colombo, wildlife in Yala National Park, or a glimpse of colonial architecture in Galle? For every kind of backdrop, our location manager finds and books cinematic gems for you.

The media and film industry is still quite limited in Sri Lanka. That is why having local connections does you a world of good. Sri Lanka Fixers is an established network of local talent and crew. We work with an experienced and professional team for reliable production assistance.

From start to finish, we have the services that you need to execute your vision. Beginning with acquiring the right film permit and pre-research to affordable equipment rental and convenient accommodation. We offer both on-site crews as well as assistance in navigating Sri Lanka’s culture.

Our journalist fixer is on hand for fact-checking and laying the groundwork for interviews. Our location and talent scouts gather the stars of your production. A local crew of videographers, sound crew, camera assistants, and every other type of production crew is available to you. Whether it is a commercial, docu-series or film, our team brings it all together.

The Benefits of Working with Sri Lanka Fixers

Working with a film fixer in Sri Lanka is the smart choice. In terms of land area, Sri Lanka is not a large country. However, as a foreign production crew, you easily find yourself running around in circles. The network of media and film professionals is tight and you don’t get much done without the right connections. Sri Lanka Fixers helps foreign producers work their way around that.

Sri Lanka Fixers proves its use long before you board your flight to this tropical island. The only way to get a film permit is to earn the approval of the National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka. Though this can be a quick process of just 3 days, you want to get it right the first time. Our local fixer takes care of all the paperwork and liaises with the government officials that may supervise the production.

Besides the filming permit, we also arrange visas your production team needs for filming in Sri Lanka. Some team members may be able to enter with a regular 30-day visa but others might have to apply for a work visa. Sorting out these bureaucratic matters is something you don’t have to worry about with Sri Lanka Fixers.

Then there is the challenge of production assistance when filming in Sri Lanka. Though it is a small pool, you will find strong talent in the pearl of South Asia. Hiring a team from overseas is complicated but it is made simple with the a skilled film fixer in Sri Lanka.

Filming In Sri Lanka With Us

Let our location scout guide you to the ideal settings for your film production. Step into thousands of years of history at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Anuradhapura or capture the uniqueness of the Sea of Salt, Kandy Lake. Sri Lanka is waiting to be discovered by international filmmakers.

No matter where you film, following the production schedule can be tricky and even more so when filming abroad. When working with Sri Lanka Fixers, you can rest assured that things run as smoothly as possible. We organize all the logistics and jump through all the bureaucratic hurdles so you don’t have to.

Filming in Sri Lanka is an exciting experience. There are many untouched scenes that any videographer and photographer would fall in love with. The local authorities are also encouraging of both local and foreign film crews, hoping to bring this island nation to the world stage. If you follow the local regulation, that is.

Our network of film and media professionals offers you invaluable insight into the local culture, hidden gems in the landscape, and the best seasons for filming. We arrange for the necessary film permit, work visas, and production assistance. All the basics of film production are taken care of.

Did you know that Sri Lanka boasts a Telecine Village, perfect for cinematography? Or that December through April have the longest daylight hours? For this and more local knowledge, you want to film with Sri Lanka Fixers.

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